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The big winner for the Ashes series is Nottingham, they have also been selected for the 2015 Ashes series.

The first test will be held at Lord's which everyone knows is the place to play cricket unfortunately Lord's is Australia's favourite ground whoops looks like an Aussie win here. The stats point to an Aussie win out of 33 games played against the Aussie here England have only won 5.

Edgbaston and the SWALEC Stadium will also be used in 2015 - Nottinghamshire have learned they, like England's two London venues, will be used in each of the Ashes summers.

Ashes News

England won the Summer Ashes series at a canter, the action shifted down under and the aussies were desperate to get their own back, and boy did they do that let's face it if there wasn't an ashes series, after that performance by England in Australia there would be one.

In fact they should burn their bats as well as the wickets because they clearly don't know how to use them. Never before in sport have we seen such a one sided performance I find it hard to believe that the pitiful Aussie side we saw in the Summer became that good that they could inflict such a defeat on England, so we have to take some credit for this defeat we sent out a spineless bunch of cricketeers and the Aussies very kindly put them out of their misery as quickly as possible.

Well done Australia on winning back your Ashes.

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